Open the screen when one signal is received

Dear coders, hello everyone! There is such a question as how to realize the opening of a certain screen when you click on a notification in one signal, any suggestions for a solution P.S: I looked for similar topics, but I still could not find a solution

You can use tag value block of onesignal

could you make an example in the form of blocks?

I’m not a OneSignal user, but you might be able to do this:
blocks (7)

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id line, what is responsible for or what is attached to? logically, the application should refer to the information from the notification, the id line does not seem to be on the one signal site

As I said, I’m not a OneSignal user. I don’t know how to add extra info to a notification.

Thanks for the help, what service do you use?

I don’t use any service for notifications, as my app has no need for them.

Read this doc.[Docs]( you can see how to use tag & value. Or you can use this block.when Notification opened open another screen that you want.

currently this block is not working. i have tested.

I didn’t test yet. So inform kodular team about this bug

Thank you for providing solution options, I will inform the team about the idle block

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Welcome. Did you find proper solution