Open whatsapp using button

How do I open whatsapp using a button (just want to open Whatsapp not send a pre-defined message).
I have already tried but it open up Whatsapp and give a message : “Couldnt open link”. please help!!

Search on community this is asked and solved several times.

Data uri is wrong!

Datauri -[countrycode][phone number]
Did you try search ?

all of them just show sending message but i just wanna open the app nothing else not send any message

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i dont wanna send any message just open whatsapp

do you know what the correct data uri is?

Try this…enter number with country code without + sign

Just start Activity on button click. WhatsApp chat will open with entered number.

but i dont want to open chat with a number i just want the home screen of wa to open

Try by changing

  1. Activity action to VIEW in place of SEND
  2. Class to com.whatsapp.main
  3. Data uri empty

Read this

doesnt work, same error “Couldn’t open link”

Take it easy. Breathe, search. We’ve already given you N tips. Something you are not doing right.

This is the solution
Click here for video

thank you this worked

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