Opening PDF File With Password in App From Database

Is There any Possible Way To Open Password protected PDF File Which we will Load From any data Base Like Airtable. But we Don’t want Users To See PDF Password
[ note:- PDF Will Open Without Showing Enter Password Notifier in App But As User Will Try To Open it Form Other Source it will ask For Password ]
I have Search Many Posts on Google and I Found This :- GitHub - barteksc/AndroidPdfViewer: Android view for displaying PDFs rendered with PdfiumAndroid

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OK so you can do one thing store passwords and pdf file in two different coloums and the row in which the PDF file is there in the same row it’s password will be there… When you access the PDF file… At the same time access the password too… Store both of this in seperated list variables and when user enters the password check it with the password stored in the list

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i don’t want users to enter password PDF Must open without asking for password when open in may app but as user will try to access or share the PDF it will Not open Because of Password Protection. PDF Will Open In My App Only I want To make it In this type.