Order History in Firebase

blocks (1)

blocks (3) blocks (4)


assume 2323 is a mobile number :wink:

it goes like this, worked well
i have uploaded the blocks just to confirm that what i have done is correct or not,
P.S. still working on how to store tinyDB data to Firebase when screen initialize.

thank you @Still-learning

very simple @knkiranjoshi , When the screen initialize call the tag (phone number as a list) from the firebase also get it lenght using the block length of the list and retrieve the last tag(that is the length. Ie. While retrieve if it says length 7 mean retrieve the 7th list value using the block Select list item list Index7 and store that value in tinyTB.

All will take place matter of seconds… So when user confirms the order it will be easy for you to store the his nth item in the firebase also in app.



If the tag is user phone number mean, every time while he order you are getting his email and name it seems.

This one not clear for me. Anyway if this is just a test mean no problem. If not your free firebase MB value will go soon…

i have tried but i might be misunderstanding,
confused :sweat: Untitled

thank you @Still-learning

wait i will show you

Try like this

avoid the label1 text, just to read how do i get value. If it not work, Please inform, later i will work out. Now leaving from school to home. It will take 2hr to reach home

This is working for me… so you can modify according to that…

Let me show the firebase …

What I did is, I called total tag list and I taken the latest order number, there by on pressing button 2(confirming order) label stores the newest tag and we can direct the Same process for tinyDB as well as firebase.

This is firebase, see my process reads exactly the latest order

Thank you so much @Still-learning for taking time and helping me out on this! :heart:

I tried your method & working for me also but when screen first initialize and you click button 1 it shows the bucket!! But once you enter the data and then click the button 1 it will get the last value!

Updated block V2: You can go blindly with the codes.
See this, i was designed it a matter of 2 min, thats why didnt go through…

But now you use the above coding, surely it will work…

See, now i have added the order number orderly and increased along with the tag what you are expecting…

I hope, all of your problems resolved…

Hit solution to consider my work… Thanks a lot…

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Avoid that label text, again i have used to cross check my work, whether i am getting properly the tag … :wink:

Dont forget to delete the project bucket from the designer mode, if not it wont work properly…

Finally! Thank you so much @Still-learning for making things simple !
Many loaded blocks will fall now :sweat_smile:

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Thank you… I love to work with firebase , that’s why whatever manner you seek help I was ready to answer but your questions, I have never seen ever before… hmmm. Nice learning. Thanks a lot @knkiranjoshi


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