Order list ascending


i have these blocks:

there are lists the get data from sql, but i want order the results by the column “ESTANTERIA”

i used the extensions LISTADDON & LIST UTILS but the problem is the same, the result are ordered only by “Estanteria” and change the other values,.


Not match from sql to app

i need to order by “estanteria” & “pulmon” & “alveolo”

somebody can help me?

temporarily i add into the Sql the colum “ESTANTERIA” to Primary and this WORK IT fine¡¡

but i would like have how primary column the “ID”, if is possible.


Select referencia,cuatindad,hora,estanteria,pulmon,alveolo FROM yourtable Order by estanteria,pulmon,alveolo
And Return primary Key to ID

Thanks but the problem is in the get data system.

I used the deephost extensión, and i have tryed to use the run sql but i cant get nothing…

Friend, you are asking to put the list in order. This command above is the way to return ordered data. It is the solution to get the data in order as you requested. This extension is not recommended here in the community.
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Or This
MySQLi. PHP. GET. POST. Insert. Update. Delete. Segur SQL Inject

To get data: Select SQL command.

I used run sql, wrote the code, and after i used the on sucess…
I dont know if you if you know This extension

I already posted the solution. Hugs

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