- Food Recipe Hub (Version - 1.0.3)

(Aravind Chowdary Applications) #1 Stay healthy (BETA)
- Handcrafted by : Aravind Chowdary.

Here I made a new app on Organic Food recipes.

Note : This App is still in development and the content of the app is very less… and that will be updated daily.

Features - “Version - 1.0.1 Leaf”

  • Explore Organical Recipes
  • App Is Absolutely Free for now. (AD FREE version may come in the future)
  • Mesmerising UI
  • Lite and Hazel free
    And more…


Playstore Beta link

Credits :slight_smile:

Extension Credits : I had used AsyncImage Loader By Colintree for this app.

Logo : RoundIcons

A Big Thanks to :kodular: Kodular
& Community.

Feel free to rate my app. Your positive rating make me free of my work stress. :wink:

Cheers !

(Aravind Chowdary Applications) #2

Version - 1.0.3 Stem


Features added

  • Now you can write your own recipes.
  • Made app load up fast
  • Enhanced UI
  • Fixed some bugs & Added some bugs to fix them later.:wink:

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Do tryout my app. And If you like my work you can hire me or donate me a little through Paypal


are you using grid card view extension

(Aravind Chowdary Applications) #4

No, I just used the Kodular’s default cards extension…