Other screen closed event issue

When I leave a multi-screens app where there are multiple screens opened at the same time and I use another app for relatively long time (may be 10 minutes) , then I return to the first app it runs the last screen that I opened it but when I close this screen, the previous screen that contains other screen closed event
shows this error
This error appears only when I leave the app running in the background for a while.
Is there a method to keep multiple screens opened in the background without facing this issue?

Maybe it is related with

He is talking about getting a text from the previous screen at the initialization of a new screen but I am talking about the previous screen should do action when the current screen is closed
It works properly if I didn’t leave the app and go to another app. It just appears when I return to the app after using another app for a while. I don’t know if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong so I need a help from Kodular experts to know that.

the bug reported there is about the get plain start text block, which is different from the get start value block… see also Control - Kodular Docs

I agree…

yes, it looks like a bug… please report it as bug similar to my bug report here Get Plain Start Text = *nothing* bug
thank you


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But I don’t know what to write in “Steps to reproduce the issue” because when I created a simple app with just 2 screen; Screen1 opens Screen2 then I opened another app then returned to my test app and closed Screen2 using
I got the result in Screen1 when I used
So I think the problem is not the other app affect on my app but it is because of the activity lifecycle
pause activity
I think when I go to the other app, my app goes to onStop() and because my app uses relatively big part of the RAM since there are 4 screen opened at the same time(I do that because each new screen is a branch of the previous screen so I want to return to the same place where I was in before opening the new screen), the system kills the app process. Then when I navigate to my last opened screen, the system creates a new activity so when I close this screen, the previous screen can’t receive text from it. Please correct if this is wrong and if this is right, please help me to do this job effectively.
What makes me think like that is before this error appears at screen closing, the screen opens blank and takes a moment to load which indicates the system creates a new activity but when I return to my app and this error doesn’t appear, the screen just go from background to forward.

then it will be difficult for Kodular to fix if you can’t create a small test project which elicits the issue

you might want to consider a redesign of your app…
see also tip 1 here


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