Other users having the same database

Please, I need your help.
I did some research in the community, but found nothing about this topic.
I have an app, which stores data, but watches when other users install the same app, they end up having the same data data.
How to make for each application user to have access only to their registered database?

Here’s how my firebase database looks like.

Is this all the content of the database?
Name, date and address?

No. There are 10 items.
But I want each user to have access only to the database that the user himself has registered.

I say this because I installed the apk on 2 different phones. And on both cell phones I had access to the same firebase data.

change the bucket for each user… set bucket like user/data…

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as @pipechela said, when user registered to your app, make a new bucket for him to store and get there own data, you can use his phone number as bucket or device id,

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So, does each apk downloaded from play store generate an identification for that user? And automatically generates a new balance to generate your data data?

yes when user open app, create a new bucket and store there data in that bucket, you can store bucket on user mobile or device id,

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Now I understand. Thank you

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