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I have tested the InAppBilling 5.0 and you can’t verify the active subscriptions withe the the call in app billing query purchase block, response block. From time to time the block detected no active subscription but in the most time also if the subscription is canceled the list in the response block isn’t empty. That must be an error.
Further problem is, after a buy from a subscription, the block purchase success and the block purchase failed with error code 6 fired but the subscription is then active.
And still a further problem, after upload the bundle to Google play console and then after download, if I then start the subscription process, the app close. After few hours it goes but with the main problem what I firs described and the other problem.
Is the Version 2 better and is this version still compatible with Google play store?
Is there in the future an update without the errors?

I tested the InAppBilling from kodular circa 1-2 months ago and the test if a subscription is active goes well but there was some errors after cancel subscription but minor. Today the same problem like with your extension. The is subscribed block doesn’t goes correctly.

Thank for an answer and if the currently available extension all don’t go correctly, is there an alternative in app billing extension with correct function?

Verifying purchases is considered a best practice when selling in-app products. For more about how to fight fraudulent purchases, check out chapter Verify purchases before granting entitlements in the Fight fraud and abuse page and chapter Processing Purchases in the Integrate the Google Play Billing Library into your app page.
After verifying the purchase, your app then needs to acknowledge the purchase.


There are 3 billing extensions available… just search the community or the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


The error I described what occurs by testing if subscription is active could be an error with mobile network. I can currently no confirm this fact but my first run for 1-2 months ago was with Wlan, now with mobile network. Today I was Wlan but I don’t test often so I can’t not say currently if this is the error.

Anyone an idea to this or the ground problem if it doesn’t comes from mobile network?

Thanks for the answer Taifun, I hope if I decided to choose another billing extension, the work well in all situations.

where did you get the test aia please??

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I am facing a blank screen after Purchase Flow is launched. I’ve set up the productID in PlayStore.

Here are my blocks and the inapp products page.

I’ve tried both the test and non-test mode while testing.

The Playstore app is in Closed Testing mode. Merchant a/c has been set up.

What am I doing wrong?

Here is what I see when Product flow is launched: I can see the slider card from bottom open up, but it is blank with no product details visible.

I can obtain product details in the dictionary, but the purchase card is blank when it shows up.

Your premium product id is a subscription, isn’t it? Then you should use it together with skuType Subs

No, it is an in-app product.

But I got it working!!

  • I had used “price templates” in PlayStore to create the products. So I created a new product with a direct price.
  • I also cleared the phone’s Playstore app cache from file info.

I guess it was the cache thing that resolved the issue.

Now I can see the purchase card and everything is working as expected.

Thanks Taifun so much for being around here and your help.

Thanks to Jewel also… I will see if I need the new extension.

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Hello, need help with the subscription cancelled event block:


If a user cancels a subscription, will the CancelledPurchase block get triggered? And how does one know which subscription got cancelled?

In my app there are channels that can be subscribed. I store the names of channels subscribed in a dictionary and TinyDB. I need to remove the channel name in case user cancels its subscription.

It will help me to know if the purchase token is removed from list of purchases we get from the Query Purchase block.

This is not recommended… a user also can cancel outside of the app… why don’t you check the active subscriptions each time you need it?

You can get all active subscriptions and non-consumed one-time purchases using QueryPurchases block.


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Okay, thanks Taifun. I will do this.

the application does not compile when adding an Admob extension together with the InAppBilling v5 extension. Blocks are empty. can you help me?

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Instead of helping someone, promotion of your own aix is useless if the person is looking for help about the aix which is free


Hi all

Two matters on this nice free extension from OSEAMIYA!

#1: Acknowledge not set despite enabling AutoAcknowledge
I am trying out the latest version from this link integrated to my app with subscription and able to make test subscription. Google sends Google Play Order Receipt email but a few minutes later a 2nd email Play Order Cancellation for failing to acknowledge order.

I am pretty sure I set to AutoAcknowledge in inAppbilling properties and explicit block code. Any ideas anyone?

#2. I learnt Google Billing Library just release version 6 on 10May2023.
@Oseamiya: look forward to your next release.

Thanks ahead, KC

hi thats not working :frowning:

Hellow i am still facing error the purchase card is empty

I recently removed kodular in app billing and added inAppBilling extension created by osemiya. But after adding the extension the app crashes on start. Is there any solution to fix this problem?

use this, i’m using it and it works great


This extension is outdated, please use an alternative extension, thread closed