Page Marker Option

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i need a page marker option. for example “When the book is closed and opened, the automatic reading of the last page should open”

You can use the TinyDB component to save the page number when the book is closed, and fetch it when the book is opened.

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can you please help me in block scetion …

you can easily find tons of tutorial on the web

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Thank You … I’ll check it out come to you ? again

anyone tell me the exact name for that option , because am also searching for that but i didn’t finding it. please help me

It’s not one block, but collaboration if blocks, there are tutorial, like @techcvr open source T browser, you can search it in community, the browser have bookmark feature learn from there and there are several books app to just search them and you have already got the answere several times

I find it always amazing that users call themselves starters, beginners, novices but already added ads to their apps. :sunglasses: