Paguei minha fatura hoje de manhã

Paguei minha fatura hoje de manhã , mas agora a tarde voltou a ficar no modo frre. olha que paguei 2 vezes, porque a primeira coloquei outro e-mail .

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I’ve paid my invoice this morning, but now I’m back to “free”. I’ve paid twice because I’ve used a different email address.

Hi Carlos,
I can see that you have paid twice as you mention. There were three active subscriptions (two billed, one pending to expire) in your account, but it has been fixed already.

To address this issue I’ve already taken action on it:

  • I’ve cancelled the inactive subscription so it won’t cause any interference in your billing cycle.
  • I’ve cancelled with immediate effect the oldest subscription. I’ve also issued a refund for this payment for the entire month.
  • The third subscription is still active, and you should still preserve your Premium membership.

Can you please confirm that you have received the refund for one of your payments, and that you are still Premium?
Your subscription should be automatically renewed on February 19th at $3.50.

o e-mail é [email protected] .com ativa ai pra mim por favor
Ja mandei comprovante. paguei de novo agora pouco usei 1h e ja caiu 3 vezes eu paguei!!
Eu tinha pagado uma terceira vez. agara esta frre de novo :slightly_frowning_face:

Please, keep the conversation in English.

As I’m mentioning in my previous post, there were 3 subscriptions but one of them was never charged, so the payment didn’t go through. From the other 2, we have already issued a refund and is in the way to your bank account.
Your account is Premium since a few hours ago (when you made the first purchase).

Obrigado meu amigo

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Thank you my friend