[PAID] [499₹/7$] Firebase Cloud Messaging : Send notifications to your users

@Peter if you want, then private message me, i’ll send you screenshots and hope you decide whether i’m defaming or i’m helping the community get rid of spam developers @Ezy_Aix and @Rudransh_Shukla (he don’t know what happened, but supports @Ezy_Aix) supporters.

I am not supporting an individual person, I am also helping community to get rid of spam users. Users who talk rudely, and when the developer is ready to help they are still just posting hate replies. @Shanmuga

Why you have not tell me earlier, i have given full day time after paying, then why you can’t provide the extension.

Also you have tried to edit @Sumit1334 Onesignal Fix extension and give it to me which is copying or selling other developers work as you can’t provide your own work.

Hope @Ezy_Aix you think deleting the conversation, deleted all, here comes first proof.


we both let keep the community safe by asking admin to block @Ezy_Aix account

I just added the notification permission and android:exported tag to it

He isn’t spreading hates, he is just working as a normal extension developer, he is a human too like you, If he did a mistake, he can take his time to fix it, can’t he?

@Ezy_Aix Then why ask me not to say to anyone if you’re legal, i came to know that you’re just editing community available extensions and selling it for affordable price.

@Sumit1334 I hope adding a permission and andorid:exported tag to your aix is an issue. And for my words, I’m sorry

I just tried to help as u said u faced issue in onesignal

yes, everyone mades a mistake, but why can’t he say the truth before asking for payment

If i had known it, wouldn’t I have fixed it?

He didn’t knew he made a mistake, give him some time so he can fix it and help you in it, being rude isn’t a solution buddy.

Proof of send notifications function working

The Api notifications are delivered immediately, although the dashboard ones depend on Firebase Heartbeat system which delivers it after some time to preserve battery

@Ezy_Aix @Rudransh_Shukla please leave it, i have lots of works and i’m not gonna reply to this unworthy topic here again. let the admins or moderators like @Peter @Diego knows what to do and they’ll find whether @Rudransh_Shukla and @Ezy_Aix are same accounts used by you or anything else.
Good bye

We also tried to leave it, but your replies didn’t left us, and my and @Ezy_Aix 's account isn’t operated by same person, we are two different people. And I also don’t have time to do reply to a person who is just being rude due to a mistake. And tagging admins again and again isn’t good, and you are tagging Kodular’s CEO :skull:.

@Shanmuga the way you’re potraying me as a scammer, If i had been one I wouldn’t have initiated a refund

mainly does it works on Android 13?

as you said that it can’t and so only refunded the amount.

now showing a video after all happenings, doesn’t prove that this gonna work.
Any how best of luck for your future @Ezy_Aix

The device is Android 13 only

you haven’t initiated when i ask you yesterday or morning. once after seeing the post, you’ve initiated Am I Right?

Thank God as you fear the community, hope i got my refund