[Paid] AdManager Ads Extension : SDK V23.2.0 🔥

But we need proof

@Pro_member will share his feedback very soon.
If you’ve any urgent, you can knock him personally.

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I have tested this extension and ecpm floor is completely working appreciate your work @JEWEL keep it up

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Excuse me, how are you doing that if Admanager documentation has no specific function for that

Do you want to purchase it?

No, I’m just curious. There’s no mention of a method to set custom ecpm floor in Admanager documentation, in case of Kodular components, it uses a custom approach which is only usable for child accounts. I’d like to know how you are doing it is its not mentioned in documentation anywhere.

You don’t need to do anyting, if you’ve kodular child account then the extension will do the rest.
Just you’ve to put app id into kodular monetization setting.
The extension just provide you latest sdk to use it with Kodular AdManager.

I cannot find a price anywhere. What does this extension cost?

Text me personally to purchase this extension.

:android: Update Available…!

  • SDK updated to latest V22.4.0

You have created a wonderful extension and it is also very easy to implement in the sample way.

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Thanks @Salman_Younas for your great feedback.

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:android: Update available…!!

  • Sdk updated to latest V22.5.0.
  • Support custom ad unit id.
  • Support Kodular child account.
  • ECpm floor is working perfectly.
  • Now you can use kodular child account on other builders.

Hello @Pro_member, please text me on Telegram/WhatsApp, you can receive the update from there if you’re eligible. (Thanks)

Already text you but you’re not replying

Are you Hasan Ali?

its $18.75 price


Sdk 22.0.0

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Yes please create separate topic for Ad manager it will help more to understand

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This extansion currently working ?

This extansion need to give commission to kodular ?