[Paid] Admob Ads With Mediation : SDK - 23.0.0 🔥

  • Added new helper blocks. It will help you to setup blocks quickly without any issues.

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:android: SDK is updated to 22.2.0

  • Deprecated some custom events.
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:loudspeaker: Changes in the last amendment -

  • I’ve divided consent form blocks as new component, so you can setup consent form more easily.
  • Updated consent form blocks for testing support.
  • Demo blocks uploaded for consent form into main topic.
  • Now you can add your single or multiple test device ids.
  • To add running device as test device just turn on test mode for AdmobSdk. Extension will handle the job automatically.

I have not yet used all the potential that it has, I implemented it in a basic way, but it is appreciated that you keep the extension constantly updated.
Without a doubt the best!

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Thanks @Gaston for sharing your great feedback :heart:

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Which SDK version you’re currently using now?

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please show me your blocks

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  • AdManager extension is updated to the latest Sdk 22.2.0
  • Now AdManager extension support custom parameters.

I’m going to create a new topic for AdManager extension.


This Extension Is Awesome​:ok_hand::heart_eyes:

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Thanks @Lujibah_Malsi

  • I’ve separated AdManager extension from this topic to this new topic ↓

i was thinking the Same :yawning_face: thank you @UnknownBeast


@JEWEL Thanks for not only sending me the extension, but also guide me all steps to implement ads in my app.
This is my first extension purchase and i’m completely satisfied with the extension performance and your guidance.
For all who have doubts that whether the extension works or not, like me before buying,
It works fine as of July,18,2023


Great to hear That

Extension developer is not @UnknownBeast

Original Extension developer is @JEWEL

@Shalom_Cephas Edit/update your above post.

I commented Wrong
Actualy i did not buy This Extension
I got anothe thing different from @UnknownBeast

Thanks for mentioning bcoz i got extension from @JEWEL and this topic is also created by him only.

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I tried FORM blocks but it didn’t work

I finally succeeded.

It gives this error when loading .aab of the app in google console. I am writing here because you are not interested in telegram. I started getting multiple errors with this last update 1. ERROR : When I add the approval form and re-enter that project another time, my blocks are not loaded. 2. ERROR: When I add the confirmation form, neither banner advertisement nor Local advanced works. 3. ERROR: Found multiple elements for key ‘com.google.android.gms.version’, expected at most one.

Please help me resolve this issue.

please show me your relevant blocks here