[Paid] Admob Ads With Mediation : SDK - 23.0.0 🔥

Everything you said is set. The reason why I use unnecessary logic. Trying maybe I’m having trouble calling the Ad.

The splash ad works fine, but the banner and native advanced ad do not.

Use AdFailedToShow & AdFailedToLoad event to determine the reason of error.

It’s not full. Gives a fault.

why call “NATIVE” procedure two times

I use it anyway. I try but it doesn’t come. I guess I can’t explain it to you.

Great extension, it’s working perfectly.
Thanks for creating

I want to purchase this extension :heart:

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Hello @Emin,
I’ve sent you the extension on Telegram.

I want to buy this extension

I’ve sent you the extension on WhatsApp with full documentation & tutorial videos.

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I bought the extension this is nicely working.

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Hi @gajanan_bhadade,
Thanks for your great feedback here.

Native ads is not showing in my app.

i don’t show any error message.

Need to Finish populating views at the end of populating functions.
Have you set xml perfectly?
I can’t see these in your blocks.
Can you show here?

The native ad component has no issue at this time.
Please re-check your blocks. Also share your all blocks which are related with native ad. So I can help you more.

Hi, I am using this extension, but the native ads are not load in my app I contact @JEWEL but he is out of workplace as he told me. but I need solution fast because it already 3 days. and I run lots of ads to promote my app, it’s time to me get back. so here I am sharing my block anyone have a solution please give me.

here is xml file.
AdmobNative.txt (5.9 KB)
please help me.
Thank you.

have you tried with the demo AIA,
just copy paste the XML file in to your app

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This is not working.

Set as xml file, not as txt file.

i want to purchase this extension