[PAID]AIA Advance PDF Reader/PDF Viewer like Google Books or Amazon books with Test App

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PDF Reader/PDF Viewer: Best pdf Viewer looks like google Books or Amazon books

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By using his Aia you can create a book aia app or it also helps in education Apps.

  1. You can change 30 + free backgrounds.
  2. You can use flip vertical or horizontal.
  3. You can also use scroll vertical or horizontal.
  4. Bookmark your page.
  5. Search text in PDF Properties.
  6. Also go to any page Number Directly.
  7. Create Book Index.
  8. Scroll Book page with Sound.
  9. Zoom In Zoom Out.
  10. Auto Page thumbnails Create in Seconds.
  11. It is Url based you can uplod pdf and get url of pdf and show it dynamic by any database.Like airtable, firebase or many more.
    By using that you can reduced your app size by more than 80% and its fully dynamically.


  1. Monthly 150 Pdf you can Upload Free. Maximum Size PDF Support upto 150MB/Pdf

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Test App/Download link:

PDF_VIEW.apk (5.5 MB)


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Buy this AIA @RS 149 for India
Buy this AIA @Price $3 or other Countries

No Paid Extension are used.

Extension Used

Deephost Overlay Extension


It would be better if you list the extensions that you used in the project


It is similar to google drive where you can upload pdf and get url of your pdf or use it in your favorite database.

i want this but if u clear me some tings first

You cam DM to us for any query

Need it. How t have it?

First test this app and aia link available in test app.

I would like to ask some questions before buying this:

  1. Does it load PDF files from Sdcard or Assets or ASD?
  2. Does it work with Android 11 or above?
  3. Does it load large pages pdf files and large size pdf files … smoothly?
  4. Doea it have go to page option?

Thanks in advance

will this work in offline ?

Ans 1 it works online and free up to 150 pdf /month server are free and next month you also get new 150pdf/month space also free…so on…
Ans 2 it support up to 150mb/pdf size
Ans 3 it support large pages like newspaper page size.
Ans 4 Yes it has go to page no option
More It also have chapter wise index option and
30+ Background wallpaper options available free.