[PAID AIA] Battery Manager app in Kodular

App Name: Battery Manager

Description: This aia file build in makeroid and kodular and we can make a battery manager app with this aia file. This app has well design splash screen and logo. The app shows the battery health, battery level, temperature, voltage etc. The app has an animation that starts to rotate when the charging is started and stop rotating when the charging is stopped. The data will change autumatically like battery level, temperature, battery status, health etc. Also, the app has a simple exit button. The app is designed in a single screen.

[Download APK]

Download aia file

Credit Goes: aiafileforthunkable.com


Good job, well done. i hope to see you creating more amazing apps.

My Package Installer has stopped working.

Bro you should not post aia because some people use it as their work and also not give any credits to you.
Worst part is sometimes they sells it and can also claim your videos or anything if you used your own aia file bro. same happened with me


Your app doesn’t work with smaller screens. See:

Reduce size of icons

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