[PAID] [AIA] Comment System App

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Comment System

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It Is For Those Who Want To Set Comment System In Their App


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Price 100 INR Reply if you want to buy

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Make your title that is suitable for your content or may be summery of what you are trying to show.
I did that for now but remember this next time.You app is paid so there should be paid word in your title.

It would be nice if you post some screenshots and write a description.


Ok sorry I am new to kodular

It’s it is just comment system ,not a app with design
it is for those who want to add comment system to their apps

Does it use Firebbase, or airtable?
Do you have security setup?

What does it look like or how does it operate so I know before I think about integrating it.

You said:

Was this built in Kodular? You only joined the forum 2 days ago. Do you use extensions?
If so which ones.

This App use firebase ,it works without any extension cam be implemented in any app easily without any problem

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Why this is hidden
I was mean that i was not nee to kodualr
That time i was new to kodualr community

Maybe it was seen as an underhanded way to bump this topic and market your AIA.

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add some screenshoots

its not an app or designed app it is block system

can you explain about block logic?

Bro he is just creating tags in firebase and retrieving the tags list on initialize