[Paid] [Beta] Paymob Payment Gateway Extension

[Paid] [Beta] Paymob Payment Gateway Extension


Payment gateway extension for Pakistan users.
Accept online payments instantly and create seamless buying experiences using various secured payment methods.

UAE, KSA, Oman, Egypt Coming Soon.


  • Create Payment Link

More features are under development .

:purple_square: Get Auth Token

Use this block for Get Auth Token

  • apiKey string
    This API Key you will find in your Dashboard settings tab, to authenticate your request.

Get Auth Token

:orange_square: Auth Token Received It will triggered when Auth Token is successful.

Auth Token Received

  • authToken string You will get a Authentication token in response of the Authentication request and you will need to use this token as “Authentication token” in next function

:purple_square: Create Payment Link

Use this block for Create Payment Link.

  • authToken string
  • paymentMethodsList list Payment methods: your integration ID.
  • amountCents int Set Amount in cents.
  • name string Set User Name.
  • refrenceId string Set Unique Reference I’d .
  • email string Set User Email .
  • isLive boolean Set true or false .
  • redirectUrl string Set redirect Url.
  • notificationUrl string Set notification Url.

Payment link

:orange_square: Payment Link Created It will triggered when Payment Link Created is successful.


  • paymentLink you’ll receive the Payment Link in the response, which will take you to the Checkout Page.

:purple_square: Transaction Inquiry

Use this block for Transaction Inquiry

  • authToken string Set auth token
  • marchentOrderId string Set marchentOrderId
  • orderId string Set orderId


:orange_square: Transaction Inquiry Received It will triggered when Transaction Inquiry Received is successful.


  • success boolean you’ll receive the success or failed you got true or false.
  • amount_cents int you’ll receive the amount_cents.
  • jsonResponse string

:purple_square: Extrect Url

Use this block for get marchentOrderId and orderId

  • url string Set url


:orange_square: Extrect Url Received It will triggered when Extrect Url Received is successful.


  • success boolean
  • orderId string
  • marchentOrderId string

:orange_square: Error It will triggered when got any error.


  • error Message string

Demo block

Api Key

Accept authenticates your API requests using your account’s API keys, so use this API key to obtain your authentication token, check the Auth API to learn more about the API key usage.

To obtain your API key, click on the eye sign under the API key tab, you can change your API key whenever you need by clicking on the refresh button.

Integration IDs

Payment Integrations
A guide for your Integration IDs.

By reading this guide you will understand the functionalities of the payment integrations tab found in your dashboard and you will be able to create/control your own payment integration IDs.

Payment Integrations Tab

  • 1 Log in to your Accept [portal]. “Sign up for a new account if you don’t already have one”
  • 2 In your dashboard, click on the “Payment Integrations” tab in your navigation board, as viewed in the image below.

  • 3 Now you should find all the existing payment method integration IDs related to your Accept account listed as viewed below.

ColumnName Description
ID An integer number referencing this integration, each payment method you're integrating with has a unique integer identifier.
Type The type of this integration ID is "Card, Omannet, Wallets, Kiosk, Cash, etc...".
Currency The currency of this integration ID is "OMR, USD, etc...".
Status The status of this integration ID Test or Live.
Shopify Defines whether this integration ID could be used for the Shopify E-Commerce platform or not.
Created At The date and time of creating this integration ID.

Adding New Integration ID

  • In your Payment Integrations tab, click on Add in the Paymob’s Dashboard - Payment Integrations tab. upper right corner as viewed in the image below.

  1. A pop-up screen as the image below should appear to you.

  1. Click on the type field and choose “Card Online”.

  2. Set the currency to the willing one you need.

If you’re using one of Accept’s standalone checkout tools leave the callback URLs as it is, click on the submit button and that’s it you’re ready to use your integration ID.

:spiral_notepad: Extension specifications:

:money_with_wings: Price $7.2 only $6.1
:android: Version: 1.0.0
:earth_americas: Released On: 15 May 2024
:credit_card: Payment methods: Paypal, Upi

PM me on my Public WhatsApp number to buy.

Special thanks to @david for helping me in the development of this extension!