[PAID] ESC/POS Thermal Printing extension (Bluetooth/Network)

I can buy it a long time ago, I think it was one of the last times the developer was active

I apologize to all the user i couldn’t reply to. I had some personal issues so i wasn’t offering the extension. I will respond all DM’s now on.


Hello, how can I get the extension? I’ll take it now.
And also, does this extension also support QRCode printing?
If you can provide me with an aia example with the extension?
For information: I connect to a bluetooth thermal printer.

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@global_web_security :point_up_2:

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@mmnettime , please because I need this extension very urgently. Send me your paypal account so I can make a payment.

I already responded your DM

Hi! I updated the extension a little bit. I also included a demo apk so people can test if this solution works with their printers. I also increased the price a little bit. As the extension could be purchased now on Payhip.

You could still pay via Paypal and now Credit or Debit Cards and right after the purchase you could download the extension.

@mmnettime I have a USB printer and I want to use your extension, pm me to discuss it better, I have paypal

Pleasse conact me back i need this extension , i will buy it (mod: removed contact number)