[PAID] FcmSender: Send FCM notifications and messages using latest HTTP v1 API ($5 or INR 301)

Google announced the deprecation of the FCM legacy HTTP API in favor of the FCM HTTP v1 API. This change is part of Google’s effort to enhance security and improve the functionality of their messaging service.The deprecation was announced on June 27, 2019 and legacy API will no longer be supported starting June 20, 2024. Applications that do not migrate may experience disruptions in their push notification services.
The new API uses OAuth2 for authentication, providing better security compared to the legacy API key mechanism.

1. Overview

Latest Version: 2
Released: 2024-06-09T18:30:00Z
Last Updated: 2024-06-22T18:30:00Z
Aix Size: 759 Kb

2. Blocks


3. Demo Blocks

Step 1: Create Service Account and Generate json file

Open Firebase Console
Go to 'Project Settings' > 'Service accounts'
Click on 'Generate new private key'
Download json file and rename it to 'service-account.json'
Upload 'service-account.json' to Assets

Step 2: Initialize extension and Setup blocks

notifSound: should be one of none , default or mp3 file name (from Assets) [ test for test.mp3 ]
Supported only for my FCM extension. For other extensions, value must be default .

4. Purchase Extension

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ChangeLog Version 2

  • Initialize method now accepts service-account.json content directly

  • Reduced aix size to 759 kB

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FCM Legacy API has been completely removed so it is mandatory to migrate to HTTP v1 API.

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