Paid for Commission Removal and it was not applied

I paid for the commission removal yesterday and it is not applied to my account.

Also your support email is not working [email protected]

Just figured out the issue. I bought it for the wrong project. Can I get a refund so I can apply it to the correct project,

Anyone can help? I need a refund.

Am I going to have my refund or should I call my bank? This is ridiculous. It’s been 4 days with no response from anyone

Why is this taking so much time to process?

well it can mean

  • they are really really busy
  • they have very few people to do stuff
  • or they just don’t care

actually not this but a lot of work is pending, some of it was pending for a year now, so we can assume that they don’t have enough staff do to the work

I am not judging anyone, I am just stating the facts here by looking and experiencing on this and other builders

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They don’t really care since they already took your money.

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