[PAID] :google_play: InApp Billing Library : Advance Billing Extension (V6.0.1) 🔥

I saw that kodular has native billing, but I found little content on how to proceed.

Hello @Alencar_Rodrigues, kodular native in-app billing component is not using latest billing library.

But my extension is using the latest in-app billing library 5.1.0.

You can watch tutorial videos from the main topic (#1) to understand how to setup blocks.

Demo .aia after you buy extension, does this include a subscription .aia?

Yes, you’ll also get aia after purchase the extension.

Do not purchase extension from this guy he is scammer her extension have a lots of bugs after purchasing he provides you 0% support

Hello @Princeboy, are you using any extension of mine?
If using, so can you show your issue here?

I purchased Facebook bidding extension from you. Then your extension can’t showing bidding ads I text to many times to you but you ignored my message. This called you are scammer my request to @Peter please block him

What is your account name on Telegram or WhatsApp?

Well, can you provide your blocks showing the .aix extension; and a video of the app issue your are experiencing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @Jim_Henderson, there are 50± user using this extension and no one has any issue. Everything is perfect with the last update. You can purchase it anyway. I’ll provide you aia after purchase the extension. Also tutorial videos available on my youtube channel.

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So if I purchase its a aia and not a .aix extension, this doesn’t sound right at all.

You’ll get aia and aix both :worried:
Now how can I understand you more?

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I will purchase very very soon my friend. I have to make sure it will work on Google Play is all. Lots of time and effort into uploading it to Google Play Marketplace.

I have never published an app on Google Play so I have one question. So do I have to intergrate the .aix into my app then submit. I already have the Google Play Developers account my 2nd one so far.

Yes it’ll be working with Google Play store.

Yes, you’ve to integrate this aix into your application to upload application into play console.


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Hi, what can I do to buy extension?

Pay using available payment methods and receive the extension.
(Tutorial videos available)

Can I have a link to PayPal?

I’ve replied you on WhatsApp, let’s text there ←

Ok i wood like to purchase asap.

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