[PAID] :google_play: InApp Billing Library : Advance Billing Extension (V6.0.1) 🔥

Ok, thank you. I will try

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You’re welcome and feel free to text me anytime :+1:

i want to purchase this extension!!

Hello @Tvfull_Full, I’ve sent you the extension via WhatsApp with tutorial videos.

nice work

I want to purchase this extension!!

I’ve delivered the aix to you via WhatsApp right now, please check there.

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I was using version 5 of this plugin.
I bought the current version, but I cannot use it because there are changes. I need a simple .aia.

The structures I used with V5 were as follows:

I have a need like this:

  1. When the application is opened, first ask whether the visitor is subscribed or not.
  2. If the subscriber is directed to the relevant page
  3. If not subscribed, subscription information and prices should be visible
  4. Start the subscription by clicking the button
  5. When the subscription is completed, you will be directed to the page related to the subscriber.

I need support on this matter.

How can I create the design in V6 where you see the structures in Version 5 in the images above?

You need to just replace product type block with new red helper blocks and auto acknowledge blocks are not available in V6+

I want to purchase this extension!!

Hello @Jose_Paschenda, I’ve sent you the aix with tutorial videos via WhatsApp.