[PAID] :google_play: InApp Billing Library : Advance Billing Extension (V7.0.0) 🔥

where’s the extension?

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@JEWEL makes you go through many loopholes in order to obtain their extensions. Check the README on GitHub.


Do you ensure us that you will keep updating this extension and won’t discontinue the updates?

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you Never put something free, always paid :rofl: Greeting for developer Summit and oseamiya :heart_decoration:


This is actually not relevant…

A new billing version is always a major update… same happened between Version 2 and 3… so it really does not matter in future to update to a version 6 by @JEWEL or someone else…



:smiley: Meet Happy Users

@bidder_boons @Yash_Agarwal @Passos_0213 @Carpe_diem

Video uploaded for purchasing live/real product using the extension.

Hello friend, does this extension have the feature for monthly subscription?
If yes, will you send me an example when I buy the extension?

Instead of spamming please read the first post.

Yes subscription feature available. You’ll get demo aia after you bought this extension.


Has anyone actually managed to use the extension to implement a monthly subscription on an app in the play store?
I was hoping to create a 7 day trial period that changes to a monthly subscription but i’m struggling to understand just wow much i need to do in the app and how much the play store is involved ?


Extension size is compressed to 165 KB only.

Please knock me to get updated aix.

Added new feature, now you can purchase bundle of in-app products or subscriptions in one click :heart_eyes:

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Yes, you just have to implement the subscription normally with the product id. Leave rest of the things on Google.

Now on console, there you will get an option to set the frequency of billing, set it monthly and then you can choose grace period and free trial period. That’s it :wink:

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Got there eventually and the extension is working perfectly…
I was struggling to understand just how to implement it but Jony was incredibly helpful.
He is a star !!!
Elon would be proud of you Jony.

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I got the extension today and I’m trying to do it. I haven’t been able to do it fully yet, but the problem is with me :slight_smile: The extension is pretty well detailed and good.

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Now you can launch billing flow with multi-quantity features :fire:

excellent extension, but you do not accept paypal, I do not know the other payment methods and that generates mistrust in me.

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You can pay via xoom.com, it’s a service of Paypal.
wise.com, skrill.com are also international payment gateway.
Also crypto currency accepted via Binance.

I would like to pay with paypal

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