[Paid] LeoUPI Extension- UPI Payment Gateway

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This is my Second Extension.
This Extension Can be used as a Payment Gateway by which you can accept money through UPI.


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Enter your UPI id with which you have registered here:-

then You Can Accept Payments.


Price:- 500 Rs
Reduced to 250 rs
You can contact @hitesh for Purchase and more information.

Updated version will be free for paid users!

You Can Buy This Extension By PM me.

New update:-

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Awesome extension! It’s now easy to accept payments via UPI. Keep up the good work! :ok_hand:

But you can do it by using paytm gateway api.
It also accepts credit card, debit card, net banking & all other api… @Aditya_Singh

Sorry for that… nice extensions…

Keep it up… @DeveloperLeo

Paytm have worst policies. they can block your account for no reason.

I am using it from last one year & never faced any issue @hitesh

my and deep host paytm was blocked for no reason. But this extension is very helpful for easy payments in aia files.

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Oh… Yes extension is really very helpful…

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There was a reason for sure, but you were not careful about that… Using PayTm from 2010. Never fetched any problem that comes with no reason!


Good work. Keep it up


Would Paytm be like PayPal in India? :thinking:

Sorry for the Off-Topic, but I searched the internet and found almost no information (Maybe the site is blocked in my country)


Paytm is one of the best site for transaction…
It’s support upi & card also…
You can say that it’s like paypal @Alexander

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This is UPI?


Yes @Alexander …

Oh thanks for the info

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My pleasure @Alexander

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This is not a money earning extension. It is for receiving payments through UPI.

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I can change the number to take money.

user can pay money to another user.