[Paid] Make A Free Database By Blogger Instead Of Uploading HTML Files In App

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Sorry for my bad English

I have seen many apps coded from Kodular and they display html files in webview but problem is that they upload lots of html files in app assest ok fine…
but if they want to make changes in html files or want to add some extra codes in html files then they cant do that without reuploading their app…

Blogger is a secured and free website by which you can run a website but if you directly add your html codes in blogger then they will display in your app like this… with many extra option which we dont want…

but i have redesigned the blogger website by which you can only display your codes and not a single extra code… which will looks like this…

Check Demo
Default Blogger Demo
Design By Me Demo App: Demooooooo

I have seen many app they display question answer in their app by html files but if they want to make changes or want to add extra question answer then they cant do that but by this they can add unlimited questions and answer at anytime without updating app

Question Answer Demo Demo App: Testing 3

You guys can check all links in your app and please comment how it work…

If you want me to redesign your blogger for you app then contact me

Price Rs.1000 Paytm OR UPI

You can use it for the apps like Static App, Shayri, Quotes, Jokes, Question Answer, Poems, Story and many other things which you want.


Nice idea.
I know you want to make some money, but everything that has to change in the code can be found on Google or YouTube and it is not hard to do. If users are willing to pay that’s fine but it is not hard to do yourself.

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right sir…
making money with my idea and nothing is impossible…

i have seen lots of app with html files thats why i created this topic

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sir did you flag my post… whats wrong in my post
am i doing any scam…


No i didn’t flag it. But it was flagged because of your mail adres in your post. I edited your post. If you want a response ask for a pm from other users, but don’t post personal info.

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thanksss you very much sir

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Thanks for the source code now we know what we need to do :grin:


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its not fair sir :grin:

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You explained the whole concept bro edit the post

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