[PAID] NeuMorphZ - Introducing Neumorphic CardView

Layout / design isn’t really my best skill. I had already thought about offering an award for the most beautiful design for one of my apps. Some of my users make fun of me (in a nice way) by saying that my apps are very good, but the design is from the “Stone Age”.
This hurts a little. :wink:

I hope that I might get a little further with this extension …

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For the title bar HA1 (red mark) for buttons inside it HA_copy3 (black)

If you want the card to pop out use styledropshadow and for punch in use stylesmallinnershadow/stylebiginnershadow

I can help you in that :slight_smile: Just one DM ahead :wink:


After reading this line i felt so happy :heart:


Means, you’ll change that or add it?

I will add a block.

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Version 2 :relaxed:

Here i am finalizing Version2 of the extension

Here are some new that has been added in the extension

Now total number of blocks in 29.

So the blocks is mainly for Changing and getting basic properties.
But this block is new and is very useful
This block can be used to create new shadows effect.

Special thanks to @bodymindpower for her suggestions to add blocks.
All of the users who have purchased this will get updated soon.

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Where to purchase Aix

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Just pm @nikzdevz for purchasing the extension


I can’t imagine how many efforts @nikzdevz put to make this great extension. :heart:

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Thanks you so much @Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki and everyone for you appreciation :heart:

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Here is example for AddMoreEffect




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Nice Extension :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks you so much @Anil_M

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@nikzdevz Why isn’t there also a StyleBigDropShadow method?
The gaps between the buttons / arrangements are too big.

→ StyleBigDropShadow


As I can understood, to show the shadows it need space and therefore in styledropshadow it cuts some area form outside.

In styleinnershadow as the shadow are inside so no issue of space.

First of all that’s not provided In lib

This message is for everyone who have purchased this extension and someone who want to make ui Regarding neumorphism.

As we all know that there is a free version of the extension released by @Sumit1334 but he used a library in which you have to pay some amount also i want to make it clear that i’ve not used that lib so just feel free to use if you have any confusion regarding lib used. Also remember my old version was based on same lib but i’ve got many messages that its paid lib so i changed the lib so you can say new version in on free library.

Thanks you :heart:


Does not work on Kodular and also not on AI2:


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Hi @bodymindpower , I have checked extension on AI2 and its working fine for me.



I checked it on different devices and Android versions.

  • It definitely does NOT work with AI2. Neither with Companion nor with the APK.
  • It also definitely does NOT work on Kodular. Neither with Companion nor with the APK.

I used the current version of your extension in both cases.