[PAID] PDF Viewer : Display pdfs in your app offline

The support for Google Drive pdf viewing is now added.

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Thanks you so much @T-seris_Bindass for your review

can it load PDF File from Google Drive Online???

Yep you can

i am trying to contract you to buy it

Don’t purchase extension not working properly waste of time and money…

This is not how we want to communicate here
If you have an issue with the extension, then please let us know what you are doing and show us a screenshot of your relevant blocks and let us know what you are expecting to happen and what happens instead


Last 3 to 4 month developer telling me
I WILL GIVE YOU UPDATE TOMORROW, but TOMORROW not rise yet :saluting_face:

Issue with extension

  • zoom in zoom out problem
  • pdf Rendering problem
  • page scrolling problem