[Paid] Professional e-commerce πŸ›’, client + admin apps with many functions

How do I buy this aia file?

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PM @Franklin_Lopez


Send PM to developer !!!


I send you PM

Plz Send Me …

Hi, I send you PM

New Update
Check first post for APK test.

App Client:

  • Added push notifications in the background (Order received, order delivered).
  • Maintenance message.
  • Shortcuts to go more easily shopping cart and order history.
  • Added restrictions if there is no internet.
  • Soon: For Latin America, online payments using MercadoPago.

App Admin:

  • Order filter (pending, processing and completed).
  • You can now choose whether the products are in stock or not.
  • Added restrictions if there is no internet.
  • Coupons can be created for discount in percentage or amount.

What’s the price I pm you but you don’t reply

Hi, I sent you PM

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You can add this on your app.

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Thanks, yes, I have something similar and I plan to add it in the future.


Send me admin app

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Welcome @Rasel
You can send PM to @Franklin_Lopez for it.

Edit: As you are a new user,so you can’t send PM, wait him to see your message.

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Hi, I sent you PM

@Mohammad_Sujon_Miah send him a pm or ask him to send pm, don’t discuss abt pricings here

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#off-topic maybe

You are short of money not knowledge. :slightly_smiling_face:
Make your own App, that surely will take a few days but you will save your bucks.
And will surely gain some more knowledge.

i will do it for Free.
i am on road to learn everyday something new,
this will surely teach me something big.


i’m Sorry

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PM, buy your projecto uai plis

Welcome @lorruan, I sent you PM