[PAID] Professional Quiz App with Categories, Login, SideMenu & Advanced Features

Introducing Professional Quiz App with Categories with all Advanced Features with Firebase Database.

Fully Dynamic Quiz App : Add, delete unlimited categories and test series.

Ready to Publish App.

Features :

  1. Splash screen.
  2. Google Login.
  3. Category wise quiz
  4. Side menu with user information like name, email and profile picture.
  5. Subcategory for each category
  6. Professional Quiz UI
  7. Quiz progress in side menu.
  8. Image Questions
  9. Detailed Results Statistics and analysis.
  10. Answer key
  11. Leaderboard
  12. Share score.

Screenshots :

1. Splash Screen & Login with Google :

2. Side Menu with user information like name, email, profile picture :

3. Quiz Category and Sub Category.

4. Quiz Screens :

5. Image Questions & Quiz Progress in Side Menu :

6. Detailed Result Statistics & Analysis :

7. Answer Key/Summary :

8. Leaderboad : Individual leader board for each test series.

9. Share Score to Social Networks.

Test APK :

base.apk (7.7 MB)

Video :

Price & How to Buy :

PM me.

Extensions Used :

No paid extensions are used.

Screenshot 2020-11-01 102653


Thanks to Kodular for this great platform.


@The_K_Studio Awesome App
Please list the extensions being used even if they are free as it motivates developers to contribute more.

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Would you mind to tell us all extension used (including the free ones)

Btw, the UI look very nice. The side bar is light but the main UI is dark, which has a big contrast.


Topic updated, check :grinning:



Great br0 :heart: @The_K_Studio

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