[PAID]RePosition - Create you Layout


As name say using this extension you can create you layout during runtime by giving coordinates(in px) for your component wrt parent view… After this extension there is no need of Horizontal arrangement, Vertical Arrangement or spaces as a child arrangement as you can freely float your view anywhere inside that arrangement.
This can be mainly use to create attractive Card layout.



Starting with most important block

Set Position

Description - Using this block you can set position of any component wrt parent component.Coordinate should be given wrt px from top.
Parameters :-
Component - The component fro which you want to set position.
X - Horizontal Position from left of parent component. Int Datatype.
Y - Horizontal Vertical from top of parent component. Int Datatype.

Set Layer Index

Description - Using this block you can set layer number.
Parameters :-
Component - The component for which you want to set layer id.
Index - Higher the number.The most front it will be. Int Datatype.

Get Layer Index

Description - Using this block you can Get layer Id of the components.

Get Positions


Description - Using these block you will Get top, bottom, left, right position of the components.

Example Preview

Before Using Extension

After Using Extension

Blocks of Example

Price - Rs.300 or $5
Payment Mode - Paytm, Gpay, Paypal


Nice Extension!

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thnx @rizu

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Helpful extension.keep it up

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thnx @msr79526

Nice extension :+1::+1:

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Thnx @Mohamed_Tamer

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Great work! Is layout index means the Z index?

Yes… @WatermelonIce

This looks like exactly what I am looking for! I’m relatively new to using extensions though and to the Kodular community (Hello!).

Will this work with the Dynamic Components extension (Dynamic Components extension) ?

I’m looking to position components in a vertical scroll arrangement next to a vertical scale/ruler that grows as components are added (see below).


yes its possible