[PAID]SocketIO Client Extension

My problem after i pay where i get own server ? Mybe other ask same with me

pls elaborate, don’t understand what you mean


For how to set up a nodejs server, you can get thousand answers on google.
And this extension is only for real-time communicate, no function to save data on server. you can do that by yourself, like use mysql/airtable.

you payment only for this extension, not the server. you may get free one from Internet like heroku, or you buy your own server

i will contact you soon, can i pay for ininal when i buy
I can not use PayPal was lifted in turkey

Ok, I can save instant data messaging application firebase or tiny dB. I can save alternatives. After all, the user will not see anything when he enters the same server again. this is bad

thank you


honestyly, why not use firebase for this realtime function?

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simple and 1v1 i want something and your extension is right for this job


Actually i want to buy this extension but i have not idea that how to connect own server.
Please clear explanation.


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what do you mean ‘connect own server’? if you have your server, you will have a url, and use it with block ‘socketio.connect’. if you don’t know how to setup the nodejs server,pls search on google by your self. there are tons of tutorials.

Well if we don’t have a server, we can use this plugin right?

That is, we will write the connect block if we do not have our own server there, you said there is no need for a server.

thank you


this extension name SocketIO Client extension, of course it need a server side. You can use a free one setup by me on heroku, or you set it up by yourself where ever you want.

then we will not use the connect block right


yes you need

but I don’t have a server and I will enter which server’s url there

thank you


as i said you can use the free one,after payment, i will tell you the url

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How to connect heroku server ?
Here anyone know this

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to pkdev585,
I have send you the aix and demo apk, and it’s working good.

I have said the followings for several times in the emails and I repeat again:

"If you want to set up your owner back-end server, you can do it by your self.
There are lots of tutorials on internet about how to set up a Nodejs server, and also a lot about how to deploy a Nodejs server on Heroku for free. "

But you refuse to do the same by your self.
What can I do?

here is the direct link for “Deploying Node.js Apps on Heroku”


We try to many time but your extension not support that link.
Please provide video tutorial

I checked the demo apk yesterday and today, and it’s working…