[PAID](Version2)AnimScroll - Introducing Parallax Effect Extension 🥳 🥳 🥳

Amazing Now we can improve UI designs…


Good work :crossed_fingers:
This also make with Animation Utilities + Scroll Handler)


But. If you make with animation utility and handler then it will not be that smooth.
Also you can’t create all of them.
And this extension gives flexibility that also decereases number of blocks
Give a try​:+1:


May smooth, need add Space to top.)
The height of the space = height of the menu

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Not talking about that…

Sample Parallax, + ala whatsapp) :slightly_smiling_face:
may screen orient change/

Video SVID_20210216_145344_1.mp4 - Google Drive

Загрузка SVID_20210216_145344_1.mp4

Orthodox_test1.apk (7.1 МБ)


How much blocks it took to create ?
It’s coming like this.:no_mouth:

Sometime this too

This time i got this

Sometime its epic

So According to my extension it took 13 total blocks similar effect as yours…


Just using one more block you can achieve this

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thank, fix it)

block more, but responsive.
You need remove px, for moder ui design)

Orthodox_FIX.apk (7.1 MB)


do you mean fixed it?

This is not the complete block btw have you did it without overlapping?
also using extension it will be responsive too as will as uses minimal number of block

px value is only for users who don’t understand dp concept btw that px value is converted to dp in code.

Overlap on Space, (hight spase=hight menu).

May also with make external Extension: Floating Action View : Customized Version Of A FAB and Floating View: float your component.

publish you apk

I DM you for purchase, but got no response from past 2 days.

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I’m really very sorry… I was busy in some works.

Hi Everyone,
So here I am Releasing **Version 2 ** of the Extension. :partying_face: :partying_face:

As preview of new was already released on my telegram channel but many got confused that what’s difference in both the version. So here is explanation

How its Different from previous version?

In version 1 - Animation was started from 0 to defined max scroll but
In version 2 - Animation can be handled within defined range of scrolling area

Here is a small example to understand difference


Version 2

What’s New

  • Define animation with range of scrolling.
  • Add animation of when ScrollUp/ScrollDown.
  • Some minor Bug Fixed
  • New and Changed Blocks

Some of the other example what can be created using this extension -


Many previews is already shared in first post.

**Thanks you :heart: **


Amazing Update :heart_eyes:

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@nikzdevz Are you able to show you scrolling fast? Your videos only show you scrolling slowly.

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yes sure i’ll upload the video soon about that…
and if possible i’ll share apk too in you dm…

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can you send aia file

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I can’t share aia but I’ll share blocks I’m personal message if you want