[PAID] VideoBackground Extension: Fully Customisable VideoPlayer, Set layout background as video (TikTok Type Aia Included)

Hello Everyone,I am excited to introduce you this new extension!
Its name is VideoBackground As It can set a layout background as you set image as a layout background
It is fully customizable you can make your own buttons in it!
It accepts asset files,files in normal storage,URLs and live stream links!
These are its blocks -

It is simple to use and i will give 3 demo aia which will include tiktok like video scrolling view aia

All Aia Videos -

1. Tiktok Like Scrolling View AIA

2. Screen With Background Video For Design

3. Simple Video Player Custom Design

As the last aia is simple , its also made simply and here is its view in kodular designer

The First Scrolling Video View Aia Is Optimized to use less ram and also it loading speed is good

Supported Video Encoding Formats as of documentation:
H.263 AVC Baseline Profile
H.264 AVC Main Profile
H.265 HEVC
VP 9

Tested Video Format Types :

Update - Added error occurred block which will be fired if any error occurs like video is not playable,ect…

If you want me to test any format you can say me to test

Buy Aix(3 Aia Free)
Paytm - 700 INR
Paypal 12.5 USD


Its my first released extension
Thanks to youtubers who make extension making tutorial


can u provide a demo apk

Nice Extension :ok_hand:

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I cannot provide demo apps in public as i have seen many extension developers don’t give demo app , I also know the reason as i am java developer
But you can message me personally for it

Thanks a lot :smiley:
Its my first day here and people here are very good

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this is good, btw , what video formats can be run with your extension?

Excellent Extension :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: Many Things are Possible with This.

Give me some time,I will edit first post and tell you

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Thanks a lot!!

okay i will monitor

Updated!Now check

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I am Intrested to make tutorial video on your extension, I own Youtube channel named Tech Developer

Why do you have to pay much more in Dollar then in INR?

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Because of transaction Changes Or Maybe Because of GST.


Haha,i was just replying
Its because paypal take heavy transaction charges


No Problem.Btw Nice Extension, Keep it up :+1:

Nice extension !!!
I can ask what types of audio formats does it support ??

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What’s new in this extension even deephost have similar extension like this

no it’s not similar extension.u can check block

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