[Paid] YouTube Video Tags & Keyword Generator .aia

Hello, I’m Yash :grinning:

YouTag - It find tags of youtube video & generate keywords and tags for your videos.

:pushpin: Features:

:star2: Get Tag of any youtube video ( just paste url and get its tags )
:star2: Generate Keywords ( it suggests keywords when you type a word )
:star2: Generate Top Tags ( it shows those tags which are used in most of the videos related to your keyword :wink: )
:star2: Pro Version ( to see top tags, user have to pay, other tags are easily visible, i used google in app billing )


Extension used

  1. Deep Host - Android Tag View aix
  2. Avmcreators02 - Youtube data aix [ paid ] ( requires license )

Test Apk :fire: - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yash.youtags15

To Buy AIA

JUST PM ME, Price - Rs 200 only / $ 3 :wink:


Really good. You made a nice app.

What is the channel to purchase aia?

Keep koding…
All the best.

Message me to purchase its aia

I want to purchase the aia
Reply me

I replied you on mail, check my whatsapp number there