Parallax extension by Andres does not work in Kodular?

dear koders Parallax extension is not working in kodular can any one help me.
the extension is paid so i can not share any aia file or extension if any one used in kodular then please help me .
thanks in advance
i am attach post of extension

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What do you mean by this?
I strongly recommend you to read this How to ask a question?

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It saw no method found but is working in Mit app inventor

I didn’t get you…
Could you show your blocks…

Since it’s paid extension so you have to contact the owner for any problems

Probably because he uses the old ActionBar and Kodular uses Toolbar and there of the error…

@KodularCreator maybe add this to the list of NOT-Working Extensions in Kodular


Is there any solution for that boban

No, you have to contact the developer of that extension…

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which is @Andres_Cotes

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