Pause Button on working

When i go to streaming screen and i started streaming then go back to main screen to visit the social page and decided to go back to streaming page to pause the streaming. The streaming keeps play but the pause and stop button doesn’t work and if i decides to press play the media start another streaming where you start listening to 2 things at a time

Any help on this

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first of all do not recreate any topic again by changing title

So i have fixed the problem… taken aia from previous topic…
i have just managed opening and closing of screens…
i the the error was in screen 4 as when you initialize it then you don’t have music logically.


SpeedRadioApp.apk (6.0 MB)


SpeedRadioApp.aia (819.2 KB)

if this helps you mark it as solution…

Thanks, it works. i really appreciate yours effort

its okay we are here to help you.
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what did i missed there and if i want the slider to move when streaming and duration of streaming. I woudl be glad if you can tell me what i can do

Get duration of music first

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i can get it cos it’s unlimited. its a live program on radio streaming.
Please can you explain what i omitted in the app cos i wan to learn from my mistake. Can you explain in details.

User suspended for two days for double posting.

that’s true, but it wasn’t intentional. I’m sorry about the mistake

i don’t know how to get a duration about a music, please can you explain to me?

use api of the website from where you are getting song…
read documentation of that website

its not song, i;m streaming a live program on radio. how can i get the duration of time streamed by the user

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