Payment Gateway for each E-wallet (without extension)

Today I Found A Way To Implement Paytm Gateway Checker In Your App
So Actually Demo App Is Only Available For Indians Because I Dont Have Id Proof So I Can Create International ones But Wait,I have tested with my friend id and international e wallets are also working
just message me if you have any doubts or u want to buy i will provide u your e wallet demo app for testing before buying and see this link for every information and proof of screenshot and demo app

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Reply How it is?

You are talking about yourself?

Just be patient. If users want to test it they will.

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Ya i know
Thats why i provided screenshot
And without testing people can say how is my idea

Where is the big deal, two way its possible:

  1. API ( )
  2. Direct Generate Payment Links ( )

You can check my links:
To pay Rs 20:
Also the Amount as per your choice:


Tell me how xcan i purchase aia.

Sir Paytm Or Paypal Accepted First Do Payment Then You Will Get Aia
But T And C Apply
This Is Only For Personal Use No Sharing Or No Selling Of This Trick
If You Also Want To Sell This Then The Amount Is 1000

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I just want it for my own mlm app…
No selling.

Pay Amount Here And Send Screenshot To Get Aia

ok thanks sir

please tell me price. so that i can ask my bro for payment…

50 Indian Currency + Tip If You Want Or You Like My App

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50 Rs. & How will i get the aia…

In Personal Message

Ok thank you brother… wait for 10 min.

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Actually I Should Say You Thank That You Are Helping Me By Buying And Please Give Rating Here If You Like This After buying

sure bro … No need to worry…


Thank You So Much.Your Aia Is Ready I Am Making how to use.txt after that i will send in personal in 5 mins

Really Appreciate… Thank You & Please do it little Fast…

Its Ready Pm me