Payout problem from kodular

Sorry for being harsh but i am asking for help from Kodular but they are not replying to this issue for long time. What can i do. and i am very much respectful as i have not used any bad language and i was also not shouting on anyone @deanart2012

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@Boban can you please inform his problum to staff??

Disrespectful is that none of the staff takes charge and provides help to those who pay for a service

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Posting in capital letters is regarded as shouting. I understand your frustration and the fault lies entirely with Kodular staff for not addressing the issue. However, no one likes to be shouted at. If you want to continue to do it then that’s fine, but it may put off people from helping.

I again say extremely sorry for that, now let’s unite and solve this issue. :handshake:

Only Kodular staff can solve it, but as you can see it at doesn’t look like they want to.

Ya, that’s the problem.