PayPal Extension [PAID] [Discontinued]

Hello Everyone! Here is my latest extension!

PayPal Extension : Integrate PayPal gateway in your app easily :grin:
It is very simple to use :grin:



This extension is easy to use so I don’t think this need any long explanation but you can ask me any doubt here :blush:


The extension is discontinued as there is already a free version on the community


PayTM - 1000INR
PayPal - 17.5 USD


Great work brotherr!!! Keep it up:heart:

Thanks for appreciation! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Great contribution :+1: but your extensions are too expensive as always!

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Why are you extra charging 316.56₹ in inr for indians, does paypal take 316.56₹ charge?
But, Nice extension :grinning: :slightly_smiling_face: :heart_eyes:

Paypal charges are not static and its according to amount
But yes, taking 17.5 USD Gives sometime 1000 or sometime 50-60 INR Extra

Thanks a lot!

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Your contribution to the community is increasing day by day, Nice one. :wink::wink::v:


It’s an extension aimed to people who is receiving payments. The price of the extension is just a one time little investment towards your business. You can’t have a business without any kind of investment.


Thanks a lot!

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You are awesome. You did a great contribution

Thanks a lot!

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Good app.why not you shared an apk with this paypal extention to buy this extention.

I don’t share paid extensions demo app publicly


A suggestion to you.
You should create an app where users can buy your extensions. Like deep host app. The benefit of app is users will get Extensions instantly

Thanks for this fantastic idea but I will not do it now as no one knows me and secondly if user buys the extension from me then he can just message me for help


thank you for your contribution…
there are 2 spelling errors you might want to fix…
ErrorOccurred usually you write with double rr and environment usually you write with n



So sorry,I don’t know even after knowing the spelling why I do a typing mistake :pleading_face:
Especially for the word “Extension”…sometimes I write it as Exntension :frowning:

Anyways thanks for informing,I will fix it​:smile:

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Can you provide a demo video?

Ok,I will add it soon.

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