PDF files not open

i have a book app. When i update my app yesterday only add some fb add only . After that pdf files are downloaded successfully but when click on it this error occur. I open pdf by phone default pdf viewer. kindly help me on this.
@Boban @Mayur_Jawanjal

There is something wrong with File Provider.
Wait till next Kodular update or edit manifest file.


how can i edit mainfest files on kodular

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See also here:

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Just a suggestion, if you dont use asd then use asd, otherwise when kodular api 30, you will lose access then there will be issues.

sharing File does not read files after update

what i wil do

samjh nei aya…asd kya

pdf is download successfully and open perfectly when i go through the file manager…but when i open that file through my app this error is showing.

how to open pdf file