PedrozaGlide Extension (Load images or gifs to be sponsored!)

it wont allow to compile the apk. Any idea?

Explain about the problem so that developer can help you with a specific solution

i tried in an empty project for a test, import the extension, and compile apk, it compile sucess… after that i decided to import the extension in my main project that has enough components,blocks and other extension, i just drag in one of my screen, didnt touch a block yet, just for a test, then compile an apk, after 85% percent, compile error…

Conflicts with another extension, you would have to figure out which one tho


i will try to find out, which extension extension, i also thought that mught be the problem… thats the last option i have, thanks!

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its not the extension, i have test it in an empty prject, doing 12 extension exported in the project… and figuring which one extension is conflict. and apk compile sucess… so extension with other extension… work good

How to create a loading effect like placeholder

can this error help where can be the error?

not wotk:broken_heart:

congratulations to your very constructive contribution (sarcasm)

what about providing some more details, what exactly does not work, any error message? which Android device/Android version are you using for your tests, etc… mention everything which could help the developer to improve the extension…


It is not compatible with kodular :sweat_smile:

It does not look like you read the other contributions in this thread…
Also it does not look like you want to help to identify the issue, so the developer could fix it…


It’ll work with dynamic image component?

No, so far as I know you can use image utilities component only with dynamic images.

Then cache image not possible with dynamic image? Right

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how to fix this error?

java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: No field AUTOMATIC of type Lcom/bumptech/glide/load/engine/DiskCacheStrategy; in class Lcom/bumptech/glide/load/engine/DiskCacheStrategy; or its superclasses (declaration of ‘com.bumptech.glide.load.engine.DiskCacheStrategy’ appears in base.apk!classes4.dex)

Edit (works on exported apk)

CarlosPedroza27 Congratulations!!, without a doubt the most complete extension for asynchronous loading of images, but I present the same problem that mentions David, from the companion the extension does not work, only from the APK, it would be excellent if you could solve this bug


It is true, the same thing happened to me in a project from scratch, it only works with the apk installed, and not only that when I tried to include the extension to my project that I have just been working on does not allow to export the apk. This means that the extension has many flaws and I was not able to use it, it would be good to improve it.

You can use this Similar Extension

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How to use this extension with dynamic components?
Got run time error, using this component.
many thanks in advance.