Performance Issues

Hey Koders, :wave:

You might have seen some performance issues in all Kodular services, which during the past days they became slower. We are already aware of it, and working to mitigate it.
We knew from time ago that our servers could be flooded one day, and this day is today. We were expecting it, and from months ago we have been designed a new servers architecture to mitigate load peaks. However, the day came before we expected, and not everything is ready yet.

By this week, we will launch a major update to several of our sites, and we will separate lots of functions in different servers to avoid a general downtime like we currently have.

We are very sorry about this issue, and we will try to keep you updated about this issue.
In the meantime, all we can do is to ask to be patient :pensive:

:kodular: Happy Koding
@Kodular Team


We have ready a new authentication server, so we avoid disrupting any service in case Account goes down
We will launch it, with other updates, by this week