Performance problems with the blocks

good morning, someone else is having performance problems with the blocks?

Ya I am also having this problem

good, kkkk , thought i was going crazy kkk

Even I’m facing this, but shifting to firefox from edge fixed this issue by 80-90%


good idea, I tested with chrome and edge and the same problem, I will try with firefox.

I had (I don’t know if this is your case), it was connection and mainly my Intel I3 4 RAM.
I replaced it with an eighth generation Intel I5 and with SSD.

but i don’t have ssd.
I noticed the problem after the last update, I spent almost 1 month without using, now I had to use again, and I have this problem.

I’ll check because I haven’t tested Kodular Creator today

It’s ok. In Firefox. Wi-FI.


I’m having trouble even to duplicate blocks and even name the blocks of funcoes, it’s very strange kkk

wow you’re flying lkkkkk

with Firefox is acceptable

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Strange yours norebook is I7 and with double RAM. :+1:

Your windows appearance theme is full of features… look at mine… all black and themeless. :upside_down_face:

The solution was given in the fourth post. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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