Permission read_ external_storage has bee denied i want to directly call a no from app

What actually you want to do on button click… ?

i want to call my no

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Use activity starter to make call…

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by fac call button i want to call directly…

see is it wrong

Hope it’s works

Or referred this docs : Phone Call - Kodular Docs


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You want whatsapp call

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Simple call using activity starter


it is correct but it gives a no which is already diled in pad but i need next step directly

Said briefly what you exactly want .some information is not describe your question . Post sufficient information

want to directly land on calling

Is it help you

Want to start calling directly… Ok got it… But that app are not allow in Play Store… So you have to use this method only…

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Than what about all voip calling apps ?

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actually i tried ur but after dial i am not able to get number in block

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They use their own api to call. They are not using our device calling feature

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Actually we all are still confused what you want from us…
If you can clear your issue then only we can help you…

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no i am telling about image that u shared iam not able to get same blocks in procedure

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You have to create it… Using procedure…

i tried but i could not get same