Permission traffic data

I am trying to group all the permissions requested by the application at the beginning of its operation. So far, at the beginning, I have requested permission to access the storage of the card and, when the advertising load begins, what do you do after a few minutes? Do you request permission to use data traffic? You can simulate the ad load at the beginning, but it does not seem right, especially when there is the possibility of requesting these permissions at the beginning. I have searched for how I should request access to data traffic, but I have not found it. If I found “android.permission.INTERNET” and I can not get it to work, any help?

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What you can do is an Notifcation instead of a request.

Setup a notification box, and say, This app requires an Internet connection to operate.

If they click OK they proceed, If they click close, application closes. There is your permission

I have something similar for when there is no Internet connection but what I want is to group all the authorizations for the permissions at the same moment. So far they appear to me in several moments and that is not what I would like. Anyway, thanks for your input, I think it’s a good idea but not for what I’m looking for

Can you show your blocks of where you ask for this permission and what it looks like

Of course

Is it asking for the permission?

If it is, then your issue maybe image

You should not use the logic blocks for text compares.

Put a label and see what the full permission.Name is You may need to put a “contains” rather then = block

Oh, one more thing. It is by design that the permissions are being asked only when invoked. This is a change in 1.3.0 of Kodular.

It is better as it allows you to warn users what you need the permission that you are about to ask for, for

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THANKS for your contribution, but does not get to request any authorization; In fact, it does not even use the block you indicate.

So the problem is elsewhere.