Permissions Problem playstore

my app was removed in playstore .because kodular is asking internal and external permissions.

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Do you have any evidence to support that?

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yes i have mail

This permissions are the most used permissions at Play Store.

Iam sure thats not the reason why your app got suspended…

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What should be / mean “internal permissions”? Never heard.

Google too:

I think the issue is that you haven’t provided a valid Privacy Policy for your app. It is required because you use ads. So read those articles highlighted in blue in the e-mail you got, make the appropriate changes to your app, then update your app through the developer console and you should be good to go.


Go to this link
generate your privacy policy then add in your app then submit update thats all .

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why asking internal and external permissions in kodular apps?

Why not read what other users told you instead of asking the same question again?