Persist value issue (App is crashing)

Hello everyone,

I have created a blood donor app, I have set the firebase to persist to true, for offline access of all donors list. The problem is when I click the search donor button, the app is crashing (Closes). then I have removed the persisted value by unchecking it. then I have opened the app and pressed the search button, and at this time no data is showing.

Does anyone know how to fix it ??

Show your blocks

Here is my blocks.

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wait for some time

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Sure! Waiting for your reply.

Somebody help…

I can able to see two types of error. While clicking search, what you are trying to do really it is confusing the app, second after picking the district why too many labels ? All are telling the same they why multiple ? One ine at the top will be enough

Okay, I have changed the label to top.
What to do next?

Still, it happens, " You cannot change the persist value of Firebase after application Initialization, this includes companion."

Now untick the firebase persist. Once all set, after testing them put tick

if you can share your aia then share it i will edit this for you ok

still, it happens

How do you?

remove the existing firebase , refresh the project then add fresh firebsase component , fill remaining things and try. AS i said earlier, do not mark persist at the beginning.

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Okay, I will try that too…

there is problem in calling the tag list because there is condition

What condition ?

means if else block if the condition is true then the firebase URL and project bucket are set so if the condition is false you can’t get tag list

What if I turned off the persist value permanently ?

Then offline data only will be saved in firebase

Offline data won’t be synchronized at any cost

I think you misunderstand with that part.

Persist will collect the users data in offline and when he comes to online , all of his data will be stored in firebase. But once if he goes to offline then he won’t be able to access the firebase data at any cost. So persist will collect the data in offline and stores in online when he switch on data network