Personalized Admob Ads

So Finally i have set up ads in my app
But i am confused that some days ago(or months)
There was a checkbox for personalized ads. In admob component
But now there is no checkbox for it​:sweat_smile:
So ads will be automatically personalized or there will be random ads?


Ya they are showing personalize ads…

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What is customized ads?

Its personalized
It means it will be based on user usage
For example if now day you are searching for a good phone on Internet,it will show ad of phones

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The user will be get asked which type of ads he want.
We (Kodular) do not did this choice. Its up to your app users.

Ok thanks,but where will it get asked :sweat_smile:

If you load a ad and if you are located in europe


Better randomness because they maintain the privacy of users

Not only should your goal be money:moneybag: but offer the best experience:star:
Money comes later

Ya we (two people) tried to give best experience to user
And now we set ads(its not on us that personalized or randomly its on google)
We have set ad in that way that don’t disturb users​:grin:

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